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About The Dept.:
Though the College does not have a separate Computer Centre of its own, the facilities available through the joint collaboration of the College and the Computer Point are used by the Students and the Staff as when required. The Centre has a total number of 8 P.Cs and 1 Printer. All the Computers in this Centre have P-3/P-4 processor, 4- 40 GB Hard Disk and 128 MB RAM. The operating system is Windows 98. The College has already approached UGC for a Computer Centre and one Net Work Resource Centre. The proposal of the College is under active consideration of UGC.

Computers available in other departments are listed below :-
  1. The Department of Computer Science has 17 Work Stations with 2 Servers and necessary  peripherals.
  2. The laboratory has access to Internet. The students as well as the faculty members are allowed to access at this laboratory.
  3. The department of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Statistics, Anthropology,  Economics, Education, Psychology have one Computer each.
  4. The Department of Zoology has got a Computer with a Scanner and a Laser Printer.
  5. The Autonomous Examination Section has a Computer with necessary peripherals like  Scanner and Printer. The Examination Section has been fully computerized.
  6. The College Examination Cell has a Computer.
  7. The Office has also got a Computer with a Printer.